EGO / ice ash

EGO / tobacco ash

EGO / coconut oak

EGO / coconut oak

EGO / gravel oak

EGO / jute oak


Vintage fusion for a kitchen that expresses a current design with strong character.
The name of this model represents the aesthetic and revolutionary soul that is in all of us. Play of contrasts that accents each element.
Ego features a classic framed door revisited in a modern way, the handles become details of light in black soft.
Doors with finely worked glass, open cabinets, thick materials.
A kitchen that catches your eye from the first look thanks to its originality and beauty.

The open cabinets create a three-dimensional layout. Spaces that ebb and flow in a rhythmic dance of forms underlined by the play of contrasting textures.

When beauty can also be practical the result is perfect. the open cabinets guarantee order and generous space.

Modularity, flexibility, great abundance of details and accessories. Ego leaves space for imagination and design in a play of perfectly integrated colours and materials.

Ego features natural essences, becoming a delicate, enchanting environment that fuses with the living area, creating spatial continuity and sociability.

Ego is an expression of functional beauty. The aesthetic elements are perfectly integrated with the technological innovation of latest generation appliances. Drawer space can be optimised thanks to a wide selection of accessories.

The purity of forms fuses with the materiality of the natural finishings. A kitchen with an elegant, simple touch that doesn’t shy away from the details of
contemporary design.



Finishes and colours of the doors

Finishes and colours of the glass doors

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