rovere sabbia

CIELO / sand oak

rovere sabbia e tortora

CIELO / sand oak and dove

CIELO / white elm


Cielo gives your kitchen the harmony and colours of nature.

It is a creative and versatile furnishing range, with composition components designed to blend together and generate original and unique settings.
Thanks to the open modules, conceived to accommodate your ideas, you can create an unconventional modern kitchen that is easy to configure even in the most varied environments.
The textured oak and elm wood finishes are mixed with the glossy and matt finishes.
The groove profile leaves the surfaces free to manifest their charming design to perfection.
Cielo: modern kitchens that portray the beauty and the appeal of a clean-cut geometric shape and of a perfect design. The groove profile in the brill aluminium finish is the light detail that stands out amid the large vertical and horizontal surfaces in the sophisticated oak and elm wood finish, lending the composition a visual rhythm and emphasising the warm hues of the worktop.

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rovere sabbia
rovere sabbia e tortora

sand oak

sand oak and dove

white elm

  • sand oak
  • sand oak and dove
  • white elm

Doors and drawer fronts

Doors with opaque finishes in wood essence

ice oak

white elm

grey oak

sand oak

tobacco oak

coffee oak

grigio anticato DV4

tabacco anticato DR5

cement finish

cemento perla

cemento creta

cemento grigio

cemento scuro

Doors with glossy finishes




Doors with opaque finishes

white silk



piombo opaco PE1725

nero opaco PE3330

glass doors

20 mm-thick glass door with brill finish aluminium frame and screen-printed glass.

20 mm-thick glass door with lava coloured anodised frame and transparent tempered float glass.

20 mm-thick glass door with lava coloured anodised frame and tempered fumè glass

22 mm-thick glass door with black anodised aluminium frame and mesh glass

doors with grill

22 mm-thick door with black anodised aluminium frame and aluminium grille.

rovere sabbia

The sand oak with its beguiling grain patterns is the perfect match for the laminate worktop in bronze, which stands out for its varying thickness, of 2 and 6 cm to be exact.


A creative idea gives rise to the Mobilturi modern wall panelling which can also be combined with the squared living room wall units in glossy white, as in the solution depicted here.


The drawer conceals a very practical and functional pull-out work surface. This means you can have additional work surfaces or use it as a practical breakfast counter in more confined spaces.

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